Since getting involved in the Vancouver comedy scene in 2013, I've been collaborating and performing with the city's biggest goofs as an improvisor, sketch comedian and producer.



I started training with Blind Tiger Comedy in 2013, and in 2016 I joined one of the prestigious comedy academy's house teams, Reynolds. I'm also a member of supergroup Nasty Women, and duo The Garbage Sisters. 


Sketch Comedy

I've performed with the sketch group Proud of You, putting on monthly shows at Little Mountain gallery and performaing as part of Montreal Sketch Festival and Vancouver's Comedy Waste Fest. I also appear regularly on local sketch comedy showcases like Sidekicks.


Show Producer and Host

In collaboration with talented producer and love interest Max Mitchell, I run a Powerpoint-themed improv show four times a year called Slide Show. The next one is April 13 and you should come.

NEXT SHOWS: Garbage Sisters on Alternate Dualities, April 4 at Toast CollectiveReynolds, April 6 at Little Mountain Gallery; Garbage Sisters Comedy Show, April 7 at Little Mountain Gallery; Slide Show, April 13 at Little Mountain Gallery; Garbage Sisters on Little Mountain Improv, April 10 at Little Mountain Gallery; Nasty Women, April 23 at the Biltmore Cabaret