the Innocent and the E Street Shuffle

Jesus, Send Some Good Women to Save All Your Clowns

Song: Wild Billy's Circus Story
Album: The Wild, the Innocent and the E Street Shuffle
Year: 1973

Oooooh! A tuba!!!

This is obviously not a "song" in the traditional sense of having a "melody" or "chorus," so I assume it must actually be some sort of a backdoor pilot for Bruce's sitcom about a ragtag group of circus performers. Look at all these breakout characters! A sweaty fire-eater, somebody named Missy Bimbo, a human cannonball with a serious lack of confidence. Put these guys in a New York apartment building and you've got yourself six seasons on CBS.

If I had to pick someone to get their own spin-off, it would be the young man named simply "Circus Boy." (His parents must've been working through some stuff.) Circus Boy's schtick is that he dances on barbed wire, though it is not clear why that would be an enjoyable thing to do, or to watch. Maybe he thinks it'll be a good addition to his college application? We all know Ohio audiences are hungry for blood sport but this seems like a little much.

Overall, though, I give this one a thumbs up. It's hard to dislike anything that incorporates the phrase "the elephants dance real funky."


Rating: 5 TUBAS OUT OF 10 TUBAS!!!

This song makes me feel: like going to Miniature World and staring at the circus exhibit just like this lady in the promotional picture until they ask me to leave because I'm ruining the fun for everyone.

Fun Bruce Fact: He has an asteroid named after him! What a man.