Bonus Episode! The March to Cincinnati

After months of publicly daring each other to do it, we’ve booked our tickets and are heading to Cincinnati with press passes in our hands, the WKRP theme song in our hearts and chilli on our minds. As we prepare to storm “Cin City,” we dust off the mics for a pre-tour check-in.

MEET-UP ALERT: Will you also be in Cincinnati? Come join us for a drink at Queen City Radio at 8pm on October 6! Everyone is welcome!! Should we have a banner?!

MasterChef Junior S07E14 & S07E15: Che of Reckoning

The big little three go head to head to head in a predictable yet adorable finale that inspired this belated podcast recap. For the last time this season, experience the hosts of AfterChef Junior discuss kidnapping the children next door, showing off their Southern accents and, once again, using the phrase “Cincinnati’s famous pumpkin chilli” for absolutely no good reason. Thanks for a magical season, friends! If you can hit us up with a cute lil review we’d be over the moon. See you at MasterChef Junior Live this fall, where we will be attending whether or not we’re invited!

MasterChef Junior S07E13 Recap: The Golden Child is Calling

It’s the semi-finals of MCJ season 7 and you know what THAT means: the hosts of AfterChef Junior are now deeply invested in both these top six contestants and the imaginary children they’ve agreed to raise in an aggressively pro-cooking environment! This episode, Jenni reveals that she’s mastered the art of food buzzwords, Stacey promises to buy a child a car and Max shakes his head in disappointment over and over again. PLUS an exclusive interview with GOLDEN CHILD Chef Matthew who is full of inspirational wisdom, mostly regarding dreaming it and/or doing it. WHAT A RIDE!

MasterChef Junior S07E07: Kids Are Here to Eat, Not to Die!

The threat of murder-by-chicken cast a shadow over what should have been a fun day out at camp, but that sort of traumatic pressure is exactly why we tune into this family friendly show and then provide family friendly commentary to match. Apologies in advance that we’re going to be talking about Gordon’s butt briefly, BUT we also have Chef Evie on the podcast today so hopefully her charms and leadership skills make up for our vulgarity?

MasterChef S09E20 & MasterChef S09E21 Recap: Gordon Ramsay, Classic Scorpio

The countdown is on to the triple-header finale, and as the anticipation builds, so does the quality of our coverage. We’re asking the tough questions, unlike AfterBuzz TV, our new nemesis: When is Gordon’s birthday? Does he want him to throw him a party? Are we going to get sued for using the Reading Rainbow theme so extensively? Why hasn’t Jenni ever heard the phrase “Where’s the beef”? And most importantly: where is the beef?

MasterChef S09E18 & S09E19 Recap: Sorry, I’m Not Your Friend

The stakes have NEVER BEEN HIGHER as the remaining six MasterChef contestants are forced to feed rich people in a timely fashion!!! And as the clock ticks down, the questions…tick… up. Did MasterChef build a fake restaurant because they couldn’t afford to book out Providence (two Michelin stars) for the night? Is Bowen our friend? Is that beef heart from a healthy cow? Where can I get a set of those dishes that have all the MC contestants faces on them? (Follow up question: are they available at Williams Sonoma?) (Follow up question to my follow up question: Will Gerron and his fiancé put them on their wedding registry?) Join the hosts of the world’s most celebrated MasterChef after show as they grapple with the great mysteries of the MC kitchen, meet Cesar’s mom and experience Gordon’s biggest fake out yet.

MasterChef S09E14 & S09E15 Recap: #TheSword

Stacey wasn't here for this episode so she's not even sure what to write here because she's a daredevil who's going to upload it without even listening first. She's assuming it's just about how much co-hosts Jenni and Max missed her? Or probably something about whatever drama transpired on the show this week... something BIG went down but Stacey also hasn't watched it yet. MYSTERIES ABOUND!