MasterChef Junior S06E14 & S06E15: And the Winner Is...?

AfterChef Junior is proud to be the first to offer you the breaking news that somebody definitely won this season of MasterChef Junior, probably we think. After viewing a version of the finale that didn’t “technically” have an “ending,” the ACJ gang brew up a pot of coffee and champagne and sit down to speculate wildly about the winner, make plans to infiltrate the next casting call and make an exciting announcement about their own podcasting future. 

MasterChef Junior S06E13: Having Nun of It

Tune in for the most compelling commentary on children cooking fish the internet has to offer. While Gordon Ramsay was busy cos-playing as Mrs. Doubtfire, here at the AfterChef Junior World Headquarters, we had more important things to do. Specifically: sharing our favourite sardine-related memories, planning a bonding retreat for the MCJ judges, hashing out the exact requirements for becoming a nun and most importantly (pop those collars!) talking to “Golden Apron” Mikey. 

MasterChef Junior S06E12: Sister Sister (w/ Alicia Tobin!)

It’s a very special episode of AfterChef Junior but WHEN ISN’T IT? Our justification this time around: we’ve got hilarious comedian/podcaster/nutrition-master Alicia Tobin joining us on the mics. Join this quartet of MCJ obsessives as we discuss the possibilities of a Duggar-family spin-off show, describe our favourite wisdom-tooth-themed internet videos, cry over the lack of Chef Ian Marcel at the pop-up restaurant, and argue for the 11th time about how to pronounce “macaron.” PLUS our exclusive interview with Junior Chef Evan! 

MasterChef Junior S06E10: All Cobs Go to Heaven

Though there was a double episode on last night, we’re breaking up the AfterChef Junior magic into two separate episodes (our recap of S06E11 will drop Friday!) because, as we’ve discovered, our frail old bodies can’t handle cramming that much MCJ magic into an hour. That hasn’t stopped us from fantasizing about being mean girls to Max at MasterChef Camp, questioning the physical makeup of an egg or being introduced to the complicated culinary heaven/hell dichotomy. Also, kids cook things on TV and we discuss it in excrutiating detail.

MasterChef Junior S06E08 & S06E09: Between the Scales

A double episode of MasterChef Junior is a bittersweet thing: we get twice as much of the show we love, but that means it’s going to be over one week sooner. Ease the pain with a listen to our recap of episodes 07 and 08 in one sweet package, as we grapple with the idea of a hotel stay interrupted by Joey Clams, pitch Fox on a thrilling new law drama, and fantasize about one day processing the skills to properly peel an egg.

MasterChef Junior S06E04: Milkshake-Induced Claustrophobia

A man almost drowns in a milkshake in this episode of MasterChef Junior but that is not even the most exciting thing that happens in this recap episode where we actually talk to Camson on the telephone and SOLVE THE BIG CASE about who the secret return junior chef is. PLUS Stacey is outted as a fork-biter and the girls teach Max a valuable lesson about feminism (WHAT ELSE IS NEW?)

MasterChef Junior S06E01 & S06E02: Doing it for the Money

MasterChef Junior is BACK which means the AfterChef Junior gang is, too, whether we want to be or not! On this week's very special, very gendered double episode, we meet the new generation of junior chefs and contemplate what li'l cooks mean to a divided post-Trump America. Plus: Jenni and Stacey lay it all on the line for this year's fantasy draft teams and Max really takes the Scottish education system to task (they've had it too good for too long).  

MasterChef Junior S05E14 & S05E15: Hungry Like The Wolfgang

We were shocked to discover tonight's episode was a double-header...and the last time we would get to laugh, love and learn with Shayne the Train, sweet Adam, Justise the American Dream, and child saint Jasmine. We didn't have time to prepare! To mourn!

But, ever the professionals, we soldiered our way through the shock to produce double-ep of our own, which involves the introduction of Jasmine's Theme, wild speculation about Martha Stewart's beauty routine and some serious apologies to the MasterChef Junior team for calling them racist in 10/15 of our episodes.

We return whenever the MCJ ovens fire up again. Thanks for listening!

MasterChef Junior S05E12: Børk Børk Børk

We know we're the earth's top unofficial MasterChef Junior podcast, but somehow we managed to nab an interview with the very OFFICIAL MasterChef Junior SET DECORATOR and we are still REELING. That's right: the woman who manages the MCJ pantry, gingerbread houses and kid blasters joins us for an interview that Jenni and Max were just too nervous to participate in. Also in this episode: a hot new Swedish Chef-themed trivia segment that presumably will repeat for years to come. JOIN US!

MasterChef Junior S05E11: TWINSANITY

It's a family affair on today's episode of MasterChef Junior, and we are so excited to meet the junior chefs' loved ones that we break our recording equipment. But can you blame us? This show has it all: surprise identical twins, the sincere use of the phrase "sugar blasting," a brand new trivia segment, and some more excellent reality TV pitches that could be the property of Fox's if they would just come to their senses and let us host a proper after show on their network.

MasterChef Junior S05E09: Blaisian Connection

In a totally unexpected turn of the events, celebrity chef and MasterChef Junior guest judge Richard Blais joins us in the show to chat about his time in the MCJ kitchen, his DJ career and his arch-enemy, Producer Max. PLUS "Doctor Michael" joins us to share medical wisdom, we turn to crowd-funding to get ourselves on the show, and I guess some children cooked at some point. BLAIS ON!!!!

MasterChef Junior S05E08: Wildcard!

This might be the most amazing episode of MasterChef Junior in history. Not only did six lil' home cooks get a second chance, but they inspired not one but TWO fresh new segments here on ACJ. (Trigger warning: One of them is all about Richard Blais.) PLUS we read some juicy details from Max's diary, develop some excellent theories about Eddie's current whereabouts, and learn some fun Scottish slang.

MasterChef Junior S05E07: Blais of Glory

Though the kids are wielding blowtorches, it's guest judge RICHARD BLAIS/BLAZE that has the AfterChef crew fired up. That doesn't stop us from asking the tough questions, though: How many nicknames is one child really allowed to have? Why do the people of Poland love this show so dearly? Is Stacey's impersonation of Jenni a hate crime? Will our new "Evan's Colourful Pants!" segment ever get its own theme song? Tune in, subscribe, never surrender, etc.