MasterChef Junior S04E08 and E09: Corey's Oven Was an Inside Job

We were as surprised as anyone to discover Friday was a double episode of MasterChef Junior("Hatching a Plan" and "Tag Team Time")but we handled the shock like professionals: by recording a double episode of our own and daring Fox to sue us.

As usual, we're discussing all the pressing issues facing the MasterChef Juniorverse with the gravity they deserve. Is Graham Elliot quitting because wearing that chicken suit was the last straw in a series of escalating humiliations? Why has no one but Stacey ever heard of a Ukranian Easter egg? Was Corey's oven turned off intentionally so he would take the fall? Can we get in trouble for using the Serial theme music?

Bok bok, baby, it's chicken time.