MasterChef S09E18 & S09E19 Recap: Sorry, I’m Not Your Friend

The stakes have NEVER BEEN HIGHER as the remaining six MasterChef contestants are forced to feed rich people in a timely fashion!!! And as the clock ticks down, the questions…tick… up. Did MasterChef build a fake restaurant because they couldn’t afford to book out Providence (two Michelin stars) for the night? Is Bowen our friend? Is that beef heart from a healthy cow? Where can I get a set of those dishes that have all the MC contestants faces on them? (Follow up question: are they available at Williams Sonoma?) (Follow up question to my follow up question: Will Gerron and his fiancé put them on their wedding registry?) Join the hosts of the world’s most celebrated MasterChef after show as they grapple with the great mysteries of the MC kitchen, meet Cesar’s mom and experience Gordon’s biggest fake out yet.