Ragamuffin Gunners

Song: Lost in the Flood
Album: Greetings from Asbury Park, NJ
Year: 1973

I'm starting to get the impression that Bruce isn't so into this whole "war" thing. Another rambley song, but this one gets a little dash of organ about halfway through, which makes me feel fondly towards it in the end. I'm hoping that he gets into rhyming and more populist song structure on the next album but who knows. Lyrically, I feel like someone just took all the words from the first four songs and rearranged things. It's kind of like how Mexican food is really just made of like five different ingredients rearranged in a variety of configurations. Tortillas wrapped around beans and cheese transforms into bean-and-cheese-topped tortillas; disenfranchised men playing guitar become disenfranchised men running away from the Army. But also like Mexican food, this song is satisfying overall and even more enjoyable while drunk.

Rating: 5 war veterans who have been abandoned by their country out of 10.

This makes me feel: like everything is kind of dusty.

Bruce fact: He got out of being drafted for Vietnam by pretending to be crazy. Great problem solving, B!