In Your Love, I'm Born Again

Song: Leap of Faith
Album: Lucky Town
Year: 1992

This would be a good song to put on if you are in a '90s rom-com and have to do a montage about cleaning up your act. So if you have any plans in the near future to time travel and swap bodies with Billy Crystal, and then paint a dilapidated house as a metaphor for rebuilding your life before you reconnect with The One That Got Away, then keep this one at the ready. Otherwise, I can't think of any other situation where you could play "Leap of Faith" and feel good about yourself. Though it's kind of a religious and kind of about love-making, it is ironically neither a good song to play at church (because it's too sexy) nor a good song to play while sexing (because it's terrible).

It's sort of like Madonna's "Like a Prayer," but not like it at all because it's not even a little bit fun. If you pick "Like a Prayer" at karaoke, you are a hero. If you pick "Leap of Faith," there will be riots. I know this because I would definitely start one.


Rating: 2 leaps off of a building to my death out of 10.

This makes me feel: like I was invited to "hang with some cool people" who "have some really interesting thoughts about life" and realized much too late that it's actually a youth group.

Bruce fun fact: He released two albums, Lucky Town and Human Touch on the same day. I don't really understand why he would be so eager to foist this one on the world, but you do you, Bruce.