Lucky Town

It's like eatin' caviar and dirt

Song: Better Days
Album: Lucky Town
Year: 1992

I was really ready to give this song a hard time, given that the last track I heard off this album was so revolting. I was rolling up my sleeves! I was lickin' my chops! Then I was lickin' my sleeves because I got confused for a second! (Also what are chops?!)

But "Better Days" is an excellent example of Melancholic Bruce, and you KNOW how I feel about Melancholic Bruce (very good). Though it's vaguely of a love song ("These are better days, baby/Better days with a girl like you."), it's actually mostly about him being rich but not feeling rich, which is starting to replace roads/trains as a major theme through his work. It's important to take note of these patterns, because one day I hope science can create a Bruce Springsteen song generator so we can all finally relax, secure in the knowledge that the world will never be at a loss for songs about feeling like a fraud and/or going for a nice drive.

Watching this video, I thought I caught a glimpse of a giant cross around Bruce's neck, but upon closer inspection it turned out he's actually wearing TWO giant crosses—a bit of an odd choice considering that a thorough investigation (googling "bruce springsteen religious???") revealed that Bruce was raised Catholic but identifies as agnostic. My theory? They're not crosses at all, but actually lower-case "T"s, a reference to new wife Patti Scialfa and the better days he's enjoying with her.

This makes me feel: Hopeful and sad—the Springsteen sweet spot.

Rating: 7 better days out of 10.

Fun Bruce Fact: American Idol judge Randy Jackson plays bass in this song.

Fun Randy Jackson Fact: The guy is 60 YEARS OLD AND I DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE. Starting a new blog about RJ's beauty tips RIGHT NOW.