The Clouded Wrath of the Crowd

Song: Growin' UpAlbum: Greetings from Asbury Park, NJ Year: 1973

Pretttty earnest, but I like the contrast of the abstract verse lyrics with the hyper-literal chorus. It might be about the war but it also might be about going to space, or maybe just about performing at a high school talent show. I have only done one of those things in my life so it's hard to say if all of those things conjure the same feelings for sure.

If I can just make a request to the sort of people who insist on "jamming" on their guitar around the campfire: maybe think about subbing this one in for Wonderwall every once in a while? Could be fun?

Rating: 4 growth spurts out of 10. This makes me feel: like deleting my Livejournal. Springsteen fun fact: He grew up downwind from the Nestle chocolate factory so everything smelled delicious all the time. WHAT A TOWN!