The Times are Tough Now, Just Getting Tougher

Song: Cover MeAlbum: Born in the U.S.A. Year: 1984

Even though I have now studied almost two dozen of Bruce Springsteen's finest songs and also a one off of Lucky Town, I still find B slightly mysterious at times. In this jaunty tune, for example, I am not sure if Bruce wants a lover to watch his back during dangerous times, or if he just wants to be physically sprawled upon. Is it an anthem for street toughs, or a sex thing? I want to look it up but I'm on my work computer and I don't want to get fired for being an internet pervert. Although what would I even google? "Crush-play?" "Spread eagle + power bottom?"

Rating: 6 lovers who will come on in out of 10.

This makes me feel: like taking care of business! (In my imagination that means some sort of '70s montage where I'm busting into nightclubs and stealing money back from sleazy venue owners. You know: the sort of business I enjoy doing.)

Fun Bruce fact: He originally wrote this song for Donna Summers. WHAT?! Another fun fact: here is the DANCE REMIX. I don't even know who you ARE anymore, Bruce!